LX-50 PVC special precipitate calcium carbonate
                  Lx-50 Ⅰ, Ⅱ types of PVC special precipitate calcium carbonate is mainly used in plastic profile, tubing, buckle and other processing industries. It is also widely used in light color rubber, papermaking (filled level), coating, pharmaceutical, food, toothpaste and other industrial areas. It is an inorganic filling agent with the biggest dosage and extensive using area. It has the effects like: increase volume, save expensive resin, decrease production cost, improve the dimension stability, anti-tensile, wear-resisting, tear-resistant and other effects. It can significantly improve the mechanical properties of goods in the machining process. This series of products is produced through careful selection of raw materials, strictly processing and special white preparation. It has the characteristics like: high purity, good whiteness, stable white degree and does not return, reasonable subsiding volume, fine particle range and narrow particle size distribution range, etc. All the indexes are better than HG/T2226-2000 standard requirements. It can meet different users and a variety of products processing requirements.