LX-200 chelating FPCC
                  LX-200 chelating FPCC series products are hardness or half hardness PVC products. They are special incremental reinforcing additives. This product does maximum depolymerization and compound modification on calcium carbonate powder with organic polymer composite interface additives and advanced high-speed airflow impact modified process. Thus make macromolecules functional genes form macromolecular structure on the surface of calcium carbonate. So that the surface properties of calcium carbonate are more close to the basic materials in chemical composition and molecular structure. Thus make the inorganic/organic interface has high compatibility and affinity. These give calcium carbonate significant interfacial activities and new application performance. This product is mainly used in PVC profile and other organic resins. It has the effects of incrementing and reinforcing. It has the characteristics like low viscosity, easy plasticizing, high activity, high dispersion, high filling, etc. It can significantly improve the break elongation, impact strength and many other physicochemical indexes. It can improve processing conditions and reduce the comprehensive cost of manufactured goods. It is a good product with a low price. This series of products have 1250 and 2500 two types.